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Me: 36 years young, full of energy (drink) and love my life and job as Innovator, trainer, speaker, consultant, marketeer, manager, communicator and corporate recruiter. 

Hobbies: running (to the pub), fitness (lifting my mouse), football / basketball (watching it most of the times) and I like Star Wars, Game of Thrones and every movie or show with superheroes like Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Black Lightning, Flash, X-men.

IT stuff: I can code some Python, PHP and Javascript when nobody is watching. I always try to understand the bigger picture and why and how technologies are being used.

Experience: I have international experience in recruitment. I helped people from all around the world to get a job in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Sweden and Cyprus. I have experience with working as corporate recruiter or headhunter within big companies like NetApp, KPN, Cognizant (Mirabeau) and Verint but also within successful start-ups. I am the owner of Innovathis.

Roles: Most of my jobs and candidates work in the IT field. I filled roles like Senior Developer, Cloud Architect, QA Engineer, but also Account Executives in the IT business and IT Directors, CTO's and Enterprise Architects. 

Contact me on Robert@innovathis.nl or +31610773688


Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Kingsfordweg Amsterdam

"KPN is the market leader in telecom, tv and internet in the Netherlands." `I've been working with Robert at KPN Digital where he was responsible for recruiting (online) IT professionals. Robert is a very experienced recruitment professional who can truely connect with (new) candidates. He's a likeable guy, easy to talk to, easy and fun to work with, easy to manage. His background in both agency recruitment as corporate recruitment makes his for me a complete recruiter. He is result oriented and can fill any role. If we didn't have to downsize the recruitment capacity, we'll probably be still working together. I can recommend him to any other company and certainly will hire him again if I have the possibility to do so.'

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Wouter Koeleman
KPN - Lead IT Recruiter

"Verint is NASDAQ company and one of the market leaders in Cyber Security / Intelligence." By simply defining Robert as an excellent recruiter doesn't give the full idea of his potential. I had the pleasure to meet him in the beginning 2015 when we were struggling to find the right people (highly skilled researchers, developers and engineers) for our start up. In few weeks we were able to double, or even more, our employees. Starting up from the scratch a new Product House in a international and multicultural environment is a complex operation and Robert's contribution has been going definitely beyond his official role of corporate recruiter. His contribution has been crucial also in building up the teams by facilitating the relation among new employees, in assisting the people in getting familiar with new environment and creating a right atmosphere. I recommend Robert to other companies who are looking for a resourceful, innovative and high skilled professional to help them in building their teams.

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Raffaele Maresca
Verint - Operations Manager

Robert is a special combination of professional and pragmatic approach to reaching out to the best people. Has very good knowledge of technology semantics which allows him to be very independent of the hiring manager, yet holds great experience in understanding the actual hiring process. A great re-enforcement to any R&D department.

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Moshe M. Vered
R&D Director @ Verint