Windows Developer (C/C++, C#, Assembly, Reverse engineering)

Job description

A team of the best scientists, hackers and developers doing R&D on new and exciting techs in Cyber Security, do you want to join the tech savvy top notch development team? Here is your chance!


We are looking for the best of the best talented or senior Windows C/C++ developer experienced in working in system level software and advanced low level applications and with a passion for security.


The tasks the Developer will undertake include:

  • Developing system services and sophisticated applications integrated in the Operating System.
  • Participate in the research of innovative cyber security capabilities.
  • Participate in the design of system and network architecture of the products developed by the team.
  • Find vulnerabilities in the software


  • At least 5 years of C and C++ experience and deep knowledge of Win32 environment, including recent versions (i.e. Win7/8/10).
  • Expert knowledge of Visual Studio IDE with strong low-level programming and reverse engineering skills.
  • Experience with WinDBG and ability to use version control systems, preferably Git.
  • Ability to efficiently plan his/her own work.
  • Smart attitude toward problem solving, smart usage of search engines and other information repositories.

Desirable skills:

  • Knowledge of WinNT kernel internals, COM programming concepts, Metro concepts, Assembly programming, programming on Windows Phone OS (Internals, .NET and XAML as used in Windows Phone, native programming, Win32 as used in Windows Phone).
  • Knowledge in software vulnerabilities, their research and mitigation.
  • Experience with device driver development: WDM, WDF, network drivers, filesystem filter drivers (also minifilters).
  • Experience with cross-platform programming.

We offer a permanent contract with a salary between 55.000-80.000 gross per year excluding performance bonus. And the most important thing that we offer is a lot of tech fun! Building the most advanced product in the market.


Robert Tichelaar
IT Recruiter 
Phone: +31610773688
Skype: Robert P. Tichelaar